With over 10 years experience in the app industry, number 1 apps in over 140 countries and over 20m downloads our founder Ben Hogan wanted to build a product that would help venues offer customers a robust table service app thats simple to use and puts you in control of the payments without any transactional charges.

We have not added all the ‘bells & whistles’ that you don’t need! If you want to integrate the app to your own payment gateway you can OR you can have the app just do the ordering and you continue to take payments via your current system.

We work on a flat fee for the app, our cost is £199 and thats for LIFE, no server hosting costs, no monthly costs, no support fee’s, free to use your own payment gateway or current card machine.

Sounds good? if you would like to know more please contact us using the form below.


Keep it nice and simple and keep the costs down, plus you don’t have to wait for another company to hand over your OWN money !


You are doing all the work ! why should we charge a FEE each month !