Whether your team are used to table service, or you’re having to offer it at your venue for the first time, we’re here to help. We created the Table Service App in response to the restrictions imposed on pubs and bars due to COVID19, and the need for a simple, easy to use, easy to manage system that would allow hospitality businesses to get back on their feet and pulling pints at full speed again.

We have  kept the app clean and simple and as frictionless as possible, we don’t ask your customers to download apps, sign up with email or verify telephone numbers. Simply scan or tap and the customer is straight on your menu and can order in under 30 seconds (we timed it)

Our platform has been built with a passion before profit approach and we are so confident in our platform we offer a fixed flat fee pricing structure which starts from £19.99.

Refreshing, huh?! Get in touch to chat with us about using Table Service App for your business.

You’re an amazing mixologist, your yorkshires are the fluffiest in town and you can pour 10 shots at once with your hands tied behind your back. Ok, we get it, you’re brilliant at what you do! But you might need a little help with the IT side of running a hospitality business, and that’s where we come in. When you sign up for the Table Service App you get the support of our no-nonsense team and the benefit of their digital expertise.

The Table Service App was developed by passionate app developers, designers and pub & restaurant owners, with decades of knowledge in both industries the Table Service App has been focused on both the venue owner and the customer ! we have truly put passion before profit.

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