Why QR code payments are a must-have in hospitality?

COVID-19 has been an accelerator for technology within the Hospitality industry and QR code payments has been both great for business and the customer. QR code payment technology makes payments convenient and  provides a dynamic non-contact dining experience.

QR Code bill payments are a powerful tool that helps facilitate and optimise the payment process. This will drastically improve tables being turned. Through the use of our platform, customers won’t have to wait for staff members to bring over a card terminal and pay the bill. Simply scan, pay and leave.

We offer a powerful EPOS or can simply integrate into your current solution, creating a seamless and effortless user experience.

QR payment codes offer an experience that benefits not only the customer but the place of hospitality.

Whipping out your smartphone and hovering over a QR code will give you quick access to your tab and you simply tap pay, get up and leave. Technology has now become this essential survival tool and Table Service is at the forefront.

Table Service is transforming the traditional ordering process into:

  1. Customers are seated.

  2. Enjoy traditional table service with real humans.

  3. When finished simply scan the QR code to view the bill.

  4. Pay bill.

  5. Get up and leave.

With Table Service QR code payments – paying the bill is streamlined, time-saving, and super simple.

The Table Service QR codes are inclusive with a payment feature transforming you into a digital business. Once a customer scans the code, they can pay via phone using the Table Service app. Customers won’t need to wait around for waiters to take their order, or to receive their bills.

This can save your business an average of 15 minutes of waiting time per table, making your business more efficient and productive.

With the table service platform splitting the bill between customers has never been easier. No need to bring out the calculator and have that awkward conversation asking each member of the party what they have ordered. This transaction can be done hassle-free and simply with the use of the Table Services payment system.

If you would like QR code payments within your venue, get in touch and we can have you up and running in under 30 minutes.