Why Table Service Apps are the Future

Apps have been a lifesaver for pubs, restaurants and cafes everywhere, since COVID came to town.

Table service apps aren’t just keeping businesses afloat – they’re revolutionising the way things are done in a way that’s good for everyone: management, staff, and punters. 

Nearly 70% of customers say they using apps to order, rather than the old way – as well as happy customers, service apps come with a whole glass-full of benefits…

Social distancing 

Along with masks and sanitiser, apps are now essential tool for hygiene and social distancing. 

These days, people are more likely to eat out if they feel safe – using an app in your restaurant can cut down queuing and minimise the need to move around. 

Plus, it makes things run more smoothly. What a bonus! 

Fast payment

We’ve all been there – passing the bill around, whipping out the calculator, and haggling back and forth over who’s paying what. Any waiter who’s ever waited patiently with a card machine and a polite smile will know exactly what we mean. 

With Table Service app, those days are well and truly over. We’ll drink to that!

Guests can pay in just ten seconds at the same time they order. Gone are the days of waiting for someone to bring the bill when you’re nicely head home. Table Service is fully compatible with Apple and Google Pay, making payments even more seamless. 

Fast payments are quickly eliminating the need to cash up the till when the doors close. Apps come with integrated reporting systems, so it’s harder for money to go missing. 

Less time on the nitty gritty lets you focus on the fun stuff – like spicing up your menu and updating the décor. 

Seamless customer experience

Nearly 2 years after Covid turned up, restaurant apps have come a long way. Many have done away with customers having to create passwords and sign into accounts. That including Table Service.

After months cooped up inside, people want to have a good time. Making your customer experience as seamless as possible will add up over time. 

When people enjoy their time at your restaurant, they’ll keep coming back. And they’ll tell their friends. And their friends will keep coming back. And so the upward spiral continues. 

Apps put the customer in control of their experience and puts less pressure on you and your staff to make sure they have an exceptionally good experience. 

Makes things easier for staff

Waiters and service staff are only human – when things get hectic, it’s inevitable for tables to get missed and drinks to be forgotten sometimes. 

Staff must be speedy and meticulous for the whole thing to work like clockwork. 

With service apps, your hard-working staff can finally breathe. Integrated systems like Table Service bring more accuracy and efficiency to the way service is provided. With the heavy lifting taken off their hands, happy waiters make for happy customers. 

Mobile apps are revolutionising the restaurant industry as a whole, by saving money, boosting efficiency, and most importantly, quality. 

Getting your hospitality business set up with Table Service is a piece of cake – our lovely onboarding team will train up you and your staff and get everything up and running in as little as 30 minutes. 

4 Ways Mobile Apps Increase Pub Sales

There are loads of ways a mobile app can increase drink sales at your swish bar or cosy pub. 

Apart from effortless ordering and payment in seconds, you can personalise your Table Service app with your restaurant’s brand logos, complement your menu with pictures, and make your happy-hour cocktail offers impossible to resist.   

Read on for 4 ways to bump up your drink sales:

Special offers made visible

Customers can’t miss a special offer when its right in front of them.  Mobile apps like Table Service empower you to choose what goes where. When special offers are front and centre, your customers are more likely to see them. 

In a busy bar, when people are jostling to the front of the queue, trying to decide what to order and chat to mates at the same time, they’re not as likely to notice the special offer displayed on the wall. When everything they’re doing is all on the same small screen, unmissable deals will be truly unmissable! 

Easier to pay 

With quicker payment, your customers are likely to buy more. More time to make a decision when ordering gives them more time to decide what to buy, so they’re more likely to try new things. 

Research has shown that app users tend to buy nearly 35% more and spend nearly 40% more money than people who pay the old way. 

Table Service has one of the fastest payment systems in the world. It uses QR code payment, and supports Google and Apple pay. 

No more rooting around in your purse and waiting ages for the bill! 

More relaxed environment 

All the benefits of using a table service app in your hospitality business add up to create a relaxed and positive environment for your customers. 

Efficient service means more time for your customers to do what they came to do – enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, eat good food, and soak up the atmosphere. 

Streamlined processes make for happier service staff who will be more cheerful, chatty and welcoming. 

When people are enjoying themselves, they’ll stay longer. When they stay longer, they’ll want more drinks. It’s a win-win! 

Harness customer data to inform future sales 

Mobile service apps, including Table Service, are built to track and gather data on sales, orders, and customer information. 

This information can help you see trends and buying patterns over time. 

For example, you can see which items most popular, and which ones are aren’t doing so well. You might want to promote less popular items or replace them with stuff that’s similar to what people like best. 

You might see that people tend to buy more at a particular time. To prevent the kitchen running out of ingredients, you can use this information to plan ahead, and stock up on popular items, to avoid disappointment. 

Better service. More sales. Happier staff. Loyal customers. What’s not to love? Find out more about how easy it is to set up your business with Table Service.